Liver fluke forecast, November 2018

The Department of Agriculture, Food and the Marine has issued a liver fluke forecast for winter 2018/2019, which reflects the probability of exposure of livestock to liver fluke based on meteorological data.

Due to the dry weather conditions experienced in many parts of the country this summer, there is a moderate risk of liver fluke-related disease this winter for the north, west, south-west and midlands, with a lower disease risk expected for the east and parts of the south. However, farmers in these lower risk areas should still remain vigilant for signs of disease.


The forecast’s predictions on the risk in different geographical areas are consistent with information on the liver fluke status of animals from various sources including:

  • Testing of blood samples taken by DAFM Regional Veterinary Laboratory staff from slaughtered lambs during the summer and autumn of 2018
  • Post-mortem examination of bovine livers by vets, reflected in Animal Health Ireland’s Beef HealthCheck data for 2018


To read the full 2018 DAFM liver fluke forecast, please click here


Species: Multi-Species
11:56 AM on Wed, 21 November