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The OIE is the international organisation for animal health. An OIE listed disease is one of international concern, for which Ireland is obliged to submit information such as the presence, absence or number of cases in the country to the OIE every year.

The list is reviewed on a regular basis and in case of modifications adopted by the World Assembly of Delegates at its annual General Session, the new list comes into force on 1 January of the following year.

For year 2020, the list includes 117 animal diseases, infections and infestations.


Multiple species diseases, infections and infestations


Cattle diseases and infections


Sheep and goat diseases and infections


Equine diseases and infections


Swine diseases and infections


Avian diseases and infections


Lagomorph diseases and infections


Bee diseases, infections and infestations


 Other diseases and infections


Fish diseases


Mollusc diseases


Crustacean diseases



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