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Animal health surveillance refers to the collection, processing and dissemination of animal health and disease information. Ireland’s Department of Agriculture, Food and the Marine is committed to high quality animal health surveillance, to protect and enhance Ireland’s superior animal health status.

Lamb liver fluke antibody test results - Oct 2019

DAFM has been testing slaughtered lambs to detect the timing and spread of exposure to liver fluke.

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Bovine Besnoitiosis

The Regional Veterinary Laboratories (RVLs) have recorded positive blood test results for besnoitiosis in counties Cork and Kilkenny in recent months.

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RVL update on disease caused by roundworms, September 2019

Recent cases detected in the Regional Veterinary Laboratories (RVLs) suggest that the level of pasture contamination with parasites is high.

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Lamb liver fluke antibody test results - September 2019

DAFM has tested lamb blood samples from a proportion of flocks in factories at the time of slaughter, to determine the timing and geographical spread of liver fluke.

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Lungworm update, July 2019

Vets working in laboratories operated by the Department of Agriculture, Food and the Marine (DAFM) have diagnosed lungworm as the cause of death in several cattle in the past few weeks.

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Surveillance for Brucellosis in Ireland 2018

To demonstrate freedom from brucellosis in cattle, Ireland tests cull cows as they pass through slaughter plants. In 2019 all samples tested negative for Brucella abortus and Ireland was able to demonstrate freedom.

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