Bovine Besnoitiosis

Last Modified: Wed, 22 Nov 2023 09:01:32 GMT
Disease name Bovine Besnoitiosis
Animal Health Law Category if applicable N/A
Species affected Bovine
Description Bovine Besnoitiosis is a skin disease of cattle caused by the protozoan (single-celled) mandatory intracellular parasite Besnoitia besnoiti. The disease displays a variety of presentations and infected cattle often show little or no obvious clinical signs. Acute phase clinical presentation usually presents with signs such as fever, anorexia, rhinitis, weakness, milk drop, stiffness and abortion. The more chronic stage starts 1-2 weeks after the onset of the acute stage, and clinical signs include intermittent fever, anorexia and weight loss. Most animals go on to show skin and eye lesions, which include thickening, hardening and folding or wrinkling of the skin especially around the neck, shoulders and rump.
Status in Ireland Present
Date of Last known case of disease in Ireland Not applicable
DAFM Division Responsible Ruminant Animal Health/ERAD

S.I. 130/2016

S.I. 746/2022

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EFSA report on Bovine Besnoitiosis (2010)

Notifiable in Ireland Yes
WOAH Listed No